PowerBuilding by Terry Hollands




Strength training programme

I made huge changes to my body and wanted to share the way I did it training wise (diet will come in future, watch this space). It's a programme designed to get you in shape and get you as strong and athletic as possible.

  • Programme is based on 4 days a week training

  • You will need basic gym equipment

  • It includes three 4 week blocks (12 weeks total)

  • It is priced at £4.99

  • Available to buy NOW

12 week Deadlift Programme

Coming Soon

Diet: How To Have To Have Your Cake And Eat It

by Kate Errington

Dieting made easy

This is a simple breakdown of how to diet in a healthy, happy, sustainable way.

No fad, no quick fix, no magic potion.

It includes:-

  • What are macros?

  • Tips

  • How Do I Work MyFitnessPal?

  • How Do I Work Out My Macros?

  • Breakdown of body types

  • Food list

  • Example Diets

15 pages of info from IFBB Pro Fitness Champion all for just £9.99