Terry Hollands

Terry Hollands is a 9 x World’s Strongest Man Finalist.

Former Britain’s Strongest Man, UK’s Strongest Man and England’s Strongest Man and 2 x podium finisher at both Worlds Strongest Man and Europe’s Strongest Man.

Terry Hollands was born in Dartford, Kent and started his career in BMX racing at aged 5, moving on to Judo aged 7 and Rugby from the age of 10 until 25.

Terry then ventured in to the world of Strongman and is one of the longest standing strongmen of all time. A true advocate for the sport and still a serious contender after 14 yrs of competing.





Terry Hollands’ biggest ever deadlift was 450kg in 2016.

He also holds the double over hand axle deadlift World Record with 240kg.

vehicle pull

Terry currently holds the World Record for a pulling a 12 tonne bus 20m in just 17.41 seconds. 

Terry is currently ranked 3rd in the World overall after competing in Jordan at the World Truck Pull Championships. 

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