X Shape Fitness Belt

X Shape Fitness Belt



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The X SHAPE fitness belt is a 2 in 1 back support and waist trainer. The belt is suitable for both MEN and WOMEN and is available in BLACK and BLUE ! More colours coming soon…

The belt is adjustable and should be worn tight during weight training but without restricting breathing. The belt should be loosened or removed for HIIT training.

What the X SHAPE fitness belt does:

  • Functions of the X-Shape belt include; compression, stability and support

  • Minimises thickening of the waist especially during weight training

  • Provides excellent lower back support to minimise pain and prevent injury

  • It is lined with a neoprene belt to increase heat to the core area. This helps to warm up the lower back for training.

  • It encourages sweat production in the midsection to aid with water retention and reducing bloat in the stomach.

  • If used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and intense training regime and used regularly, you will see a reduction in waist size.

  • The X-Shape belt can be used during training and also outside of training for rehabilitation purposes and also for further waist size reduction purposes.


Please measure both waist AND stomach to find your average.

SMALL - 23inches - 26.5inches

MEDIUM - 27inches - 30.5inches

LARGE - 30.5inches - 36inches

XXL - 38inches - 44inches

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